Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PDN 30, 2010 continued...

Here's my page from the magazine. (Click on image for a larger view) See the post below for a link to the online gallery.


frikosal said...

First let me congratulate for having been included in the PDN 30 list. I'm trying to have a panoramic of current photography and I have been browsing your work. Could you please comment on the photographic language you use and the reasons why you choose it ? Thanks.

Deborah Hamon said...

Thank you so much!

I hope this answers your question:

I explore the construction of identity of girls in my work. My subjects live between fantasy and reality -- between childhood and adulthood. I explore this interplay between reality and fiction in the way I produce my images (by combining photography with painting). I want the viewer to stop and question their initial assumptions about what they are seeing. My girls are becoming increasingly self aware, and they’re aware that people are looking at them and they’re looking back. In a sense, I feel that is how I approach my photographs. I am drawn towards shooting unique, quirky, slightly awkward or isolated settings -- often reflecting these girls who will inhabit these scenes.